A story about friendship I learned from my seller

My seller is constrained in a wheelchair by MS. But he can tell a good story! He can keep me laughing! Over a glass of wine one night he tells the story about his dog and adopted friend. Who says buyers and sellers can't find a ways to get along?  Take a lesson from the animal kingdom...


It appears Jack was working in his barn a number of years ago. He loved to putter at his workshop. The door to the barn was open and one day he turns around only to see a crow hopping into the barn. Startled, he makes a move towards the crow but the crow doesn’t fly away. His wing is clipped. He was looking for food. So Jack gives him some corn. Next day the crow reappears. He gets more food. And the crow now takes up residence with Jack in the barn. One day Jack’s dog wanders into the barn – he is afraid of his own shadow! The crow hops up onto the wheelbarrow not knowing what to expect of this animal. The dog unknowingly wanders up close to the wheelbarrow and the crow suddenly leaps onto the dog’s back!  But, the dog, being afraid of his own shadow, takes off for parts unknown! The crow clinging for the ride on his back! Around and around they run, the crow hanging on for dear life! The dog returns to the barn exhausted and the crow leaps off. Not too long after that the dog returns to the barn and the same thing happens. Seems like the crow kind of liked this mode of transportation! From that day on they became best of buddies – the crow hitching a ride around the place on the dog’s back. 
Maybe people buying and selling their homes can take a cue from the crow and the dog. You get farther when you work together even if you are as different as a dog and a crow! 


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