Sellers and Buyers become friends

 I had the good fortune to be introduced this year to people needing to sell their home here in Chapel Hill NC. He has had MS for over 30 years but has not lost his ability to tell jokes, carry on wonderful conversations or smile. Despite all the workload falling on her, she too was always smiling and looking at the positive. We sold their house after only 5 days on the market and like most sales these days had a bit of a tough negotiation but in the end seemed to get a fair price for both sides. But at that point they were only names on the contract. Not faces. Not real people. Then life took over…


The buyers hired an inspector. The sellers had to leave for the morning – not an easy task with someone who has MS. 
About 4 hours into the inspection, I got a frantic call from the seller’s wife wondering what to do – he had to get home! I called the buyer’s agent and explained our dilemma and rushed over myself to be there when my sellers returned to “buffer” them from the buyers! 
There they were together, unexpectedly, buyer and seller. When the buyer saw the struggle it took to get him up five steps into the house, the seller became a real person. The buyer reached out  to help. And she too became a real person. No longer were they simply “the buyer” and “the seller” – they had names and faces and real life circumstances to deal with. The buyer saw the love the seller had for their home, not house. And the seller wanted to make the house just right for the buyers so it would feel like their home. 
The inspection report came in. And the buyer asked for reasonable items to be repaired and the seller didn’t hesitate to agree. The seller had a yard sale – yes, she alone had to pack up a house, move things into a garage to sell without any help. The morning of the yard sale, the buyers showed up! They were there to help the seller move things into the garage for the sale. They stayed. Had lunch together.  And from then on they became fast friends – spur of the moment pizzas, visits with the buyers’ sons, stories to share. And the buyers even bought a bunch of personal items from the sellers! Names became faces. And faces belong to people. We all need to take a lesson from this – agents, buyers and sellers. Let’s put humanity back into buying and selling a home!  It's a lot more fun!


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