Selling your house for more money in the Triangle area

Market statistics for 2009 in the Triangle area in North Carolina show the importance of condition and pricing.  Houses that show well and priced right are selling for 11% closer to the initial asking price and in 66 days less time according to local real estate statistician Stacy Anfindson.  Here are some tips for selling your house sooner and for more money if you live in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, Durham, Cary, Raleigh or Chatham County.


Curb appeal!  Trim the bushes!  Power wash!  Paint the exterior siding, trim and shutters nice complementary colors.  Add hanging baskets of flowers and pots on porches, decks and steps leading inside.  Mulch the shrubbery and keep that lawn mowed after each rain shower!

Replace any rotted wood (do NOT simply putty it as the inspectors will find it anyway!).  Check the windows and door trim and the fascia boards under the roof shingles for damaged wood.  Chimneys are very vulnerable to rotted wood, so look carefully there.


Old style or worn laminate countertops? Investigate cost of replacing them with more updated laminate or even stone (quartz, granite or silestone) if the house price range warrants that. Replace cabinetry hardware with a brushed nickel. 

Light fixtures and/or mirrors in baths can be replaced relatively inexpensively with the newer sleek brushed nickel/chrome or wrought iron. 

If you have old low style vanities with aging cultured marble sink, replacing the whole unit is not that expensive considering the pricing of your house.   A pedestal sink might work in a small bath or a furniture style vanity (simple not ornate) with an interesting sink works well in larger baths.  Make sure to match the faucets with the new light fixtures in type of metal!

Kitchen cabinets and appliances - replace old cabinet hardware with more updated brushed nickel. Older appliances?  You can often get a deal on appliances if you buy more than 3.  Replace your old range, dishwasher, microwave with a more updated stainless look.  Interesting even adding a stainless refrigerator can stand out in internet pictures and show off a newly updated house!

Don’t automatically say “I can’t afford to do that” or “let the buyers decide what they want to do” – investigate your options and put the money from the sale in your pocket. You can figure buyers will double the actual cost of doing the work and discount your house accordingly - IF they even choose to pay attention to it! Don’t be penny wise and a pound foolish. Send the message to your buyers that you have cared for your house so their home will be a comfortable carefree place to live!
If live in the Triangle area, North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary or Chatham County, and you are thinking of selling within the next year or two, start now by contacting us for assistance on what to do or not do. Too often people change carpet and choose too dark or strong a color or spend money on paint thinking white is the answer. Get advice from a professional before investing your time and money!


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