Houses sell quickly if fixed up and priced right!

Stats are now available to demonstrate the importance of getting your house ready to sell and pricing it properly! Wouldn’t you prefer to sell in 49 days vs. 115 days? And get 96% of your listed price rather than 85%? The Triangle area of North Carolina's statistical expert, Stacy Anfindson of the TARR Report shows the importance of pricing and condition to sell in this market.  You can forget about the concept that the buyers can choose what they like! Buyers can’t visualize the end product and will discount heavily what has to be done!   Here is what you need to do to put the money in your pocket. 

Condition. Condition. Condition! Pricing, pricing, pricing! You can’t do much about location, location, location. But you can affect your sales by condition and pricing. What to consider – floors, walls, exterior condition, cleanliness, repairs, even some upgrades. 

Is your carpet just a little bit worn? In this market even a “little bit” can make or break your sale. Change it! Put your money into the best pad and save on the carpet. Are your hardwood floors dull or scratched? $1K or $2K can be easily negotiated away if your floors don’t shine. Is your vinyl flooring outdated or are there cuts in it? What about tile floor? Old style and/or cracked? Again, buyers now don’t want to do the work and will discount your house heavily if they have do it (more than it will cost you!).

We have some great references for carpet, vinyl and refinishing or installing hardwood floors in Chapel Hill, Durham or Chatham Counties in North Carolina.  Contact us for further information.

Paint  and be fun!  But is your house too white or too colorful? It used to be that you painted everything clean white but that became boring and cold. Now we have overcompensated and gone to very strong colors. Remember, while you want some warmth with color, stay with a soft “neutral color.” Soft, warm taupes or golds in living areas, cool sages or light blues in bedrooms and baths, saving the stronger reds (used moderately) in the dining area. 

Are you thinking of selling in the Triangle within the next year?  Contact us for ideas on paint  colors - we have collected lots of chips for our prospective sellers. 

Look for more ideas about what areas of your house might need some attention in our next blog...



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